Happiness & Wellness Therapy facilitates the creation of an empowering framework by allowing for a better understanding of the interdependence between individuals, society, systems and structures while facilitating a process of self-discovery, increased awareness, and self-healing. This process allows you to be more aware of your life, find peace, connect with the essence of who you are and the world around you, and experience happiness while achieving your full potential as you realize the unity of everything around you.

Happiness & Wellness Therapy facilitates a process of transformation, balancing and self-healing by:

  • Managing, reducing and/or eliminating pain and suffering
  • Accessing tools to manage, cleanse and heal emotions
  • Developing skills that can help you manage, reduce and/or eliminate the different mental and emotional challenges you might be experiencing
  • Connecting you to inner wisdom, resources and strengths
  • Helping you heal by restoring a connection between mind, body and soul while respecting your uniqueness within an interconnected world.
  • Enhancing awareness of your natural capacity for restful wellbeing, peace and ease-fulness in day to day life — helping you return to your peaceful state (the natural condition of the mind).
  • Experiencing a process of growth, increased awareness, inner/outer peace and life balance
  • Mastering the mind (your thought forms and mental attitude), and all levels of consciousness.

Happiness & Wellness Therapy facilitates a process that supports:

  • Emotional release, which can aid in the development of enhanced emotional stability.
  • Greater mental clarity and self-esteem.
  • Increased awareness of how the mind works so that the essence of who you are can shine and lead the way.
  • Greater body awareness and comfort with your body.
  • Easier and deeper breathing.
  • Clearer focus – a sense of perspective on life and your journey towards wholeness.
  • Ability to identify, work with, and release the causes of pain and suffering.
  • Awareness, personal growth, transformation.
  • Increased overall wellness and levels of functioning;
  • Increased happiness leading to greater quality of life, success and performance.
  • The prevention of the underlying causes of dis-ease.



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